Dinner Menu

*Prices shown include a 3.99% credit card fee.  A discount of 3.99% will apply to all cash purchases. 


Nonna's Meatballs 11.70
Garlic Bread Bruschetta 10.14
Mozzarella Sticks 12.74
Chicken Tenders 16.38
crispy tenders served with honey mustard sauce
Buffalo Wings 15.86
Eggplant Rollatini 15.86
breaded eggplant stuffed with fresh ricotta & mozzarella - light tomato sauce
Mussels 16.38
choice of: marinara, frá diavolo, vino bianco
Crispy Calamari 18.46
golden crisp domestic calamari with a side of marinara sauce
Arancini 14.82
risotto fritters - sweet peas & smoked mozzarella served with vodka sauce
Baked Clams 17.94
Cold Antipasti Italiani (for two) 20.02
fresh mozzarella, provolone picante, Prosciutto di Parma, hot soppressata, roasted peppers, olives & bruschetta

Buffalo Wings

served with celery, carrots & blue cheese.
Choice of Mild, Medium, or Hot Sauce

8 Pieces 15.86
Soup / Lemon / Garlic
15 Pieces 25.22
Soup / Lemon / Garlic
24 Pieces 38.74
Soup / Lemon / Garlic
36 Pieces 57.45
Soup / Lemon / Garlic
75 Pieces 103.21
Soup / Lemon / Garlic

Homemade Soups

Ask for our Soup of the Day

Tortellini Brodo 8.58 | 14.82
chicken broth, fresh spinach & cheese tortellini
Minestrone 8.58 | 14.82
fresh vegetable soup
Pasta Fagioli 8.58 | 14.82
bean soup with pancetta & broken pasta
Chicken Brodo Soup 8.58 | 14.82
fresh homemade chicken soup with carrots, celery, chunky white organic chicken meat & ditalini pasta


House-Made Coleslaw 5.46
Steak Fries 7.02
Garlic Bread 6.50
Garlic Bread Parmigiana 8.58
Sweet Potato Fries 8.58
Butter Glazed Veggies 7.54
Italian Sausage 11.70
Sauteed Spinach 9.62
Sauteed Broccoli 9.62
Sauteed Broccoli Rabe 13.78

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Signature Salads

ask about our daily salad special

The Wedge 15.86
iceberg wedge, warm bacon, red onions, grape tomato, gorgonzola, chipotle ranch dressing
Sunday Insalata 15.86
chopped greens, shredded carrots, cucumbers, black olives, grape tomato & ceci beans bathe in famous house dressing with chopped fresh mozzarella, reggiano & balsamic glaze
Chappaqua 16.90
fresh spinach, crispy pancetta, Gorgonzola cheese, sliced portobello mushrooms & chopped tomatoes
Mark Anthony 15.86
fresh mozzarella, Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, bacon & fresh mushrooms over baby field greens
Harvest 16.90
roasted walnuts, dried cranberries, freshly chopped orchard apples & ricotta salata over baby field greens, dressed in citrus essence vinaigrette
Chopped Greek 15.86
chick peas, cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives and feta cheese, tossed & dressed
Caprese Fresh Mozzarella 16.90
fresh house-made mozzarella, roma tomato, oven roasted peppers, fresh basil
Garden 13.78
a blend of select lettuces with carrots, cucumbers & grape tomatoes
Pomodoro 15.86
Roma tomato, capers, Gorgonzola cheese, red onion, extra virgin olive oil & fresh lemon
Caesar 15.86
hearts of Romaine, focaccia croutons & shaved Pecorino
Cobb 16.90
chilled grilled chicken, tomatoes, olives, eggs, crispy bacon & American cheese over iceberg lettuce
Arugula 15.86
rocket arugula, red onions, grape tomatoes, shaved Parmigiana & lemon herb dressing

La Spaghetteria

Ask about our daily pasta special

Select your favorite pasta cut with one of our classic sauces
• Spaghetti • Linguine • Penne • Capellini • Fettuccine • Rigatoni

add 3.38 for
• Gnocchi • Tortellini • Cavatelli • Whole Wheat Penne • Gluten-Free

Tomato Sauce or Marinara Sauce 18.98
Aglio Olio 18.98
Napa Valley extra virgin olive oil, sliced garlic & fresh parsley
Meatballs or Sausage 21.06
choice of meatballs or sausage, tomato sauce
Broccoli or Spinach 21.06
Choice of sauteed broccoli or spinach in extra virgin olive oil & roasted garlic
Alfredo 21.06
classic Pecorino Romano cream sauce
Primavera 23.14
farm fresh vegetables, garlic & extra virgin olive oil
Amatriciana 24.18
caramelized onions, guanciale, roasted garlic, plum tomato, pecorino
Alla Vodka 24.18
classic pink cream sauce with a dash of vodka, shallots & pancetta
Carbonara 24.18
cream sauce with bacon, onion & Pecorino Romano
Alla Rosa 25.22
pink cream sauce with chicken & broccoli florets
Bolognese 25.22
ground veal, pork & beef with tomato sauce & fresh herbs
Toscana 25.22
broccoli rabe, fresh garlic, sliced sweet Italian sausage & cannelini beans with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil
Calamari 28.34
marinara or fra diavolo
White Clam Sauce 27.30
freshly shucked little neck clams, roasted garlic & parsley
Spicy Paccheri Vodka 36.66
grande tube pasta harmonized in our signature spicy vodka sauce, Calabrian artisan paste, pancetta, dash of vodka, hand crushed San Marzano cream sauce with jumbo Gulf shrimp

Pasta al Forno

Baked Ziti 19.50
Baked Ziti Sorrentino 19.50
Baked Ziti Siciliana 19.50
Baked Ravioli 19.50
Baked Meat Lasagna 20.54

La Cucina

all entrées are served with choice of spaghetti, ziti, or salad

Triple Parm Combo 30.42
eggplant, chicken, & veal parmigiana
Eggplant Parmigiana or Eggplant Rollatini 22.10 | 24.18
Parmigiana, Piccata, Francese, or Marsala - Chicken | Veal 28.34 | 30.42
choice of chicken or veal
Grilled Chicken Over Sautéed Broccoli Rabe 28.34
Tuscan Chicken 30.42
chicken breast stuffed with spinach, provolone with bacon & onion with thyme cream sauce
Chicken Scarpariello 30.42
morsels of chicken sauteed with sausage, roasted peppers & hot cherry peppers, in a tangy rosemary wine sauce
Chicken Valdostana 30.42
boneless chicken breast layered with prosciutto & mozzarella in a mushroom port wine reduction
Pesca della Casa 32.50
skillet roasted wild salmon filet over sautéed broccoli rabe, roasted garlic & evoo
Jumbo American Shrimp 30.42
choice of: frá diavola, francese, or scampi
Veal bel Paese 33.54
veal scallopini layered with eggplant, prosciutto & fresh mozzarella in a portobello-sherry demi-glace
Zuppa de Pesce 37.70
a medley of fresh calamari, little neck clams, bay scallops, mussels & shrimp-tomato brodetto

Have your next meal

at Amore


served with steak fries & homemade coleslaw

All burgers are 8oz 100% grass fed – unique blend: chuck, brisket & short rib flame broiled

add: American, Vermont Cheddar, Provolone, or Mozzarella Cheese

Classic 17.94
open flame grilled lettuce, tomato choice of cheese on a toasted seeded bun
Angus Road House 20.02
topped with pancetta, onion relish, and soft provolone on toasted roll
Turkey Burger 18.98
100% free range white meat turkey burger with fresh spinach, cranberry mayo, on focaccia (add cheese +2.34)
Smoked Applewood Bacon 21.06
beef burger with smoked Applewood bacon, double Vermont cheddar & special BBQ sauce on a toasted seeded bun


Let us know how you like your crust:
thin or thick, baked well or cooked light

Pizzetta 15.86
personal pizza (10-inch)
The Metro 23.14
Roman style rectangle shape-thin crust (20 inch long)
Large 22.10
large pizza (16 inch)
Sicilian 24.18
Cauliflower Crust 22.10
personal pizza

Artisanal Pizza

Pizzetta 21.06 | Large 27.30 | Metro 27.30

*Metro available in house only.

Rossi (red sauce)

Nonna's Best of Westchester 29.38
"Best of Westchester" pan crust, hand crushed San Marzano, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, sea salt & extra virgin olive oil
Chicken Parmigiana
chicken breast, tomato sauce & mozzarella
Queen Regina D.O.P.
hand crushed San Marzano, fresh mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil & Parmigiano Reggiano
eggplant, fresh ricotta & fresh mozzarella
Margherita, spicy sopressata & red chili flakes
The All American
meat lover's for the hearty appetite
fresh seasonal vegetables
fresh mozzarella, fresh basil & San Marzano plum tomatoes
fresh mozzarella, market arugula & prosciutto ribbons
Amore Caprese
fresh sliced heirloom tomato, fresh garlic, mozzarella, fresh basil
ricotta, mozzarell & authentic Pecorino Romano
Chicken Bacon Ranch
grilled chicken, bacon, mozzarella, ranch drizzle
Arthur Avenue Special
fennel sausage, sautéed broccoli rabe, cherry tomato, olives, fresh mozzarella
Amore Special
chicken breast morsels sauteed with mushrooms, mozzarella & Marsala wine sauce
Buffalo Chicken
morsels of chicken breast, barbecue-hot sauce & mozzarella
Chicken Scarpariello
morsels of chicken breast sauteed with hot & sweet peppers, & Italian sausage in a tangy garlic wine sauce
Old Country
roasted zucchini, mushrooms, black olives, cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic & mozzarella
sautéed spinach, Italian sausage, fresh ricotta, garlic, mozzarella

Childrens' Menu

 fountain soda included

for children 12 or younger

Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghetti 12.74
Spaghetti with Meatballs 12.74
Cheese Ravioli 12.74
with tomato or butter sauce
Chicken Tenders 12.74
with Fries

If you have any food allergies or concerns, please speak to one of our staff.
Please be advised that thoroughly cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs reduce the risk of food-born illnesses.

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